A Beautiful New Park in Abu Dhabi

A Beautiful New Park in Abu Dhabi

My husband and I are the kind of couple that drive all the way to Dubai to take our kids to our favourite park. This is saying a lot since we’re kind of home-bodies and a trip to Dubai takes some serious effort on our part. But why drive all the way to Dubai for a park, you ask? Because we prefer our parks to be designed with children in mind, meaning lots of open, green space and no restrictions on balls and bikes! So, when the city began whispering about renovations at Mushrif Central Park, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Please, please, pleeeeaaassseeee let this be a park that eliminates our “Park Trips” to Dubai!


On Monday, I got a sneak peek of Mushrif Central Park and I am so impressed by how much thought went into making this park a community park that caters perfectly to young children, older children and of course adults who are still children at heart! There is plenty of open, green space and both balls and bikes are allowed, Yay!


Mushrif Central Park was designed using a kind of zoning approach. Each area of the park targets a different age group or set of activities. The Children’s Garden has a great area for playing hide and seek called The Wadi, a non-slip water fountain area, a big screening area for movies, a play area, and plenty of space for riding bikes and kicking balls.

This area was designed specifically with “Hide & Seek” in mind.
The non-slip water fountain

Mushrif Central Park also caters to those seeking a more tranquil experience. These quieter areas are meant to draw in readers and I think these will make great spots for a late evening date-night (sans the kids of course!). There are too many great features to mention in one post, and I really don’t want to reveal all of the surprises but there’s a really cool feature in the image below.
A quieter area catering to the those seeking a little tranquility
There is also a beautiful cafe that is bright and airy right at the main entrance, with a few food kiosks spread throughout the park and another cafe in the plans. Plus, Food Trucks such as Meylas and Salt will be around during the first couple of weeks at Mushrif Central Park.
I am perhaps most excited about the amphitheatre. I am already envisioning many evenings spent on the lawns in front of the amphitheater, listening to live music and creating all sorts of stories with my children that take place in a giant dinosaur rib cage. This park will not fail to ignite the imagination of young and old alike!
An amphitheater or a dinosaur ribcage? Either way, it’s awsome!
There is still so much for you and your family to discover at Mushrif Central Park, so make sure you come to the Opening Festival on Friday, March 20th from 12pm to 6pm and don’t forget to check out the Ripe Food and Craft Market which begins on Saturday, March 21st from 4pm to 9pm and continues every saturday.
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