A Kids Super Hero Birthday in Abu Dhabi

Fusion costumes: elegance meets plastic and polyester.

I have a confession to make.  My second child has been totally jipped!  By the time my first child was 3 we had already thrown 2 big bashes to celebrate her wonderful presence on this earth.  My second child, on the other hand, barely got any sort of recognition for any of his 2 birthdays.  Oh man, was I feeling guilty and a little bit terrified that he would one day tell me I loved my daughter more than him (which is absurd!).  The reason he didn’t get the kind of attention that my older daughter had received was down to mathematics.  Only 24 hours in the day and just not enough of this mom to go around.  So when my son’s 3rd birthday rolled around this year, I knew I had to do something or suffer through another year of classic mommy guilt.  Plus, my son had become old enough to understand it’s his birthday and we are supposed to have cake!
I considered my options and (with a little direction from my daughter) decided to throw a joint birthday party for both kids at The Little World Discovery Center in Nation Galleria.  I was looking for a facility that would take care of everything for me.  There was no way I would be able to run around town picking up cards, selecting decorations, or ordering food.  Again, my choice comes down to math.  When I spoke with the party planners at Little World, they told me about their Premium package, which does EXACTLY what I wanted.  They told me what themes are available, and luckily their Super Hero theme was exactly what I had in mind!  But you can also pick from an assortment of other themes. All I did after this was pick up the invitation cards to deliver to my children’s school and order the birthday cakes.
Ordering the birthday cakes was also really simple.  I had heard around town about a great little home business called Doc Pat’s Creative Cakes.  I simply messaged them on Facebook with images of the cakes I wanted and picked them up on the day of the party.  The cake was delicious and I would definitely order from them again!  Plus, their prices are much more reasonable than some of the other bakers in town.  I paid AED 700 for the two tier cake and AED 1000 for the three tier cake.  Another business quoted me AED 2000+ for each cake!  Thanks, but no thanks!
When I arrived at The Little World, I was extremely happy with the beautiful, tasteful decorations which they had up.  They customized the theme with different colors for my daughter and son, making it distinct for each but still keeping it a tight theme.  I loved that they went to so much trouble to make sure both kids were represented.  
One of my concerns with having the birthday party at The Little World was the fun factor for slightly older kids.  We have a large extended family and some of my nieces and nephews are a bit older than the target market of the play area in The Little World.  Luckily, they had a solution for this.  Enter the Minecraft Room!  This room is set up with several laptops where kids can play Minecraft.  I won’t pretend I know very much about this except that the kids really enjoyed playing this all together!  We kept it sweet and short but it was enough to satisfy the 8+ year old kids at the party.
Next time you’re looking for a party venue/organizer for your child’s birthday then consider The Little World Discovery Center.  Tasteful and fun for the kids, and hassle free for the parents!  
  • Want to order similar cakes? Doc Pat’s Creative Cakes  
  • Like what we did with the costumes? We bought a Batman costume from Just For Kids in Al Wahda mall and only used the Cape mask and belt. We also bought a Wonder woman costume from Party Center in Al Wahda mall ad added the Cape, belt and other accessories to a dress from Tommy Hilfiger. Party Centre in Al Wahda Mall (+971) 02 445 9595

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