Abu Dhabi’s Summer Humidity vs. Hair

My daughters are blessed with incredibly full, bouncy, and curly but frizzy hair. Most people comment on how beautiful it is and how lucky they are to have so much hair and it’s true. No limp locks, here! After years spent battling the frizz-monster, especially in Abu Dhabi’s humidity, I had come to accept that they’ll never have shiny, manageable curls without resorting to some serious chemical help.unnamed

While perusing the magic that is Boots (really, you walk in for cotton buds and 45 minutes later you’re still in the French sunscreen aisle), I stumbled upon INSIGHT Damaged Hair Restructurizing shampoo and conditioner. I paused at the word “Damaged”, picked it up and started inspecting the bottles. First off, I just love the packaging, very reminiscent of old-school pharmacy bottles.


Secondly, it hit all of my feel-good boxes: sulphate-, paraben-, colorant-, allergen-, mineral oil-, and silicone-free. CHECK. 100% recyclable packaging. CHECK. No animal-derived ingredients. CHECK. Not tested on animals. CHECK. Contains extracts of organic wheat germ, olive butter, argan oil, rice bran oil, and phytocomplexes. I was like … hmmm…okay I’m sold on this clean n’ green product.


That night I tried it on the girls’ hair. The shampoo makes a nice foam even though it doesn’t contain sulfates. I love foamy shampoos! Then I applied the restructurizing conditioner, pinned their hair up in a bun and let it sit for 10 minutes as they played. After washing out the conditioner, it was a transformation worthy of…well, one of those crazy before/after testimonials. My girls’ dry and frizzy hair was gone, history – I could not believe how shiny and soft it was! There was no residue and their hair didn’t feel greasy! The curls looked hydrated, healthy, and perfect. Of course, I had to try it again and again to make sure it really works!


Honestly, I was beyond delighted! I loved their healthy curls and the smell was nice and mild (as I don’t like my kids to be oozing strong fragrances and…well, I can’t really tolerate them lately.

I really don’t think I would ever use anything else for their hair! Unless of course, as with so many other holy grail products, it suddenly becomes discontinued in UAE. Lol. Not really, I’d cry.

So if your hair is dreading the season of foggy sunglasses and dripping windows, run down to your nearest Boots, and pick up INSIGHT Damaged Hair Restructurizing Shampoo & Conditioner, 500 ml, made in Italy (50 AED each)

Esraa Bani-Rothman

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