Alia Al Mazrouie: Little Haven Nursery

Alia Al Mazrouie: Little Haven Nursery

Alia Al Mazrouie, co-founder of Just Falafel and mother of Rouda (7) and Abdulla (5) is about to make her dream a reality. This month, she is opening Little Haven Nursery which is built around the rights of a child. Despite her busy schedule, she found time to share with other moms some of the factors that have allowed her to build a happy home for her family but also to fulfill her career aspirations.

Could you tell us what your typical working day looks like?

My day starts at 6:30 AM. As a rule, I am always the one to drop the kids off to school. From there, I head to the office and usually I’m done by 5pm. Once I’m back home my time is devoted to my children until they sleep. I tend to keep my social commitments after their bedtime unless I have no option.


What routine/tool/method do you use to juggle your home and work?

It’s sometimes hectic but I learnt the hard way that I was missing out by staying for long hours at the office. I made a resolution to change and leave the office on time and I’m glad I did. A balanced work life schedule is less stressful.


If you could talk to the ghost of Alia past, what advice would you give her?

Believe in what you do.


What motto would you hang above your house door to remind yourself and your family of your values and or goals in life?
I have three key beliefs:1. Being prompt and on time is a must for me so I teach my children to commit on time.
2. I also teach my children to help others in need. We usually have a piggy bank which we fill with coins and once a month they choose who to give it to and I love seeing a smile on their faces.
3. And always treat people the way you want to be treated.


What is your biggest challenge as a mother?
Motherhood is a challenge in itself. You want to nurture certain values in your children and make them understand that they have to earn what they want rather than taking it for granted. It’s difficult to toggle this in their current environment.


What inspired you to open a nursery?
After my first child was born I realized I wanted certain specifications in early education and couldn’t find anything that matched my expectations. After I resigned from my government job, I realized I could devote time to fulfilling my dream. Finally, it has happened.


What is the vision of Little Haven Nursery and how do you envision it will add value or fill a gap in the Abu Dhabi market?
Little Haven Nursery is built around the rights of a child. We place an emphasis on learning over teaching and empowerment over ordering. The Little Haven experience will allow each child to develop and grow through play, embracing their individuality and diversity and allowing them the best possible chance to succeed and flourish in the important Early Years stage.Little Haven Nursery is managed by a regional childcare development company called Bidayaat and is ideally located at the intersection of Karamah (24th) and Saada (19th) street. They accept children from 4 months up to 5 years, and operate from 7:30 AM until 6 PM. Staff are diversified and hale from various nationalities including the UK and Arab nationalities.

In addition, the nursery is spacious with an outdoor play area and food is served within the nursery based on parent choice from a weekly menu (breakfast, snacks, and lunch).



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