Being Pregnant: The 3 Best Apps to Obsess Over Your Belly

Being Pregnant: The 3 Best Apps to Obsess Over Your Belly

This is the second in a series on parenting apps – next week we’ll review the best apps to use with newborns. Check out part one: Getting Pregnant.


If this is your first pregnancy, you’re in for a ride. Your body is about to be seconded to a tiny bean and it’s nice to have a little handheld beacon guiding you through. But beyond actual bump-tracking, there are a host of other apps out there – exercise, apps for dads-to-be, and ones just for the grande finale: tracking labor.

Glow Nurture

Best for: First pregnancies, those who love documenting every part of their journey, and who always pause to first, “lemme take a selfie”. 

Just like their period/ovulation tracker prequel, Glow, this is a slick app. You’re up and running almost instantly, especially if you did use Glow to get pregnant. You even get a personalized greeting and a seamless transition in.


Daily logging is quick, just check off the little boxes, tell them how you’re feeling and you’re done. It’s actually pretty useful in a way that it acts as a reminder for those important little pregnancy rituals – did you take your vitamins, did you do your kegels, drink enough water?


It also has spots for you to log the results of your appointmens – weight gain, fundal height, heart rate, blood pressure. But one of the coolest things integrated into this app is a photo timelapse of your belly! Just take a selfie each week and enjoy a perfect montage of your growing bump at the end.


Download Glow Nurture (free): iOS | Android


Prenatal Pilates by Blue Sparrow

Best for: Maintaining strength and flexibility throughout pregnancy, but can’t make it to an actual class. Also has specialized postpartum exercises. Note: Please speak with your doctor before beginning any kind of exercise during your pregnancy.

Pilates for pregnancy – sounds almost counterintuitive seeing as Pilates traditionally focuses on the core. Pregnanc and “toned core” just don’t compute. But Blue Sparrow’s app, designed by a STOTT Pilates instructor trainer, focuses on alignment and postural changes throughout pregnancy. Keeping those two in check makes for a MUCH more comfortable 40 weeks.


The workouts are divided by trimester, are timed with clear video and instruction. You get one basic workout per trimester with the free version and the option to purchase expansion packs if you’re needing some variation or extra instruction. There’s even a module for your first post-partum workout!


Each exercise starts with a check for diastasis recti (separation of the abs during pregnancy, happens to about 60% of us).


Download Prenatal Pilates (free, paid expansion packs): iOS | (not available on Android, but here are some alternatives)


Full Term Labor Contraction Timer

Best for: The end! The blissful, blissful end. Oh, unless you’re having a planned C-section.

For those of us who spend a few hours in denial at the onset of labor (ahem), or if you’ve made more than one round trip to the hospital due to false labor, this is pretty necessary. No judgement, no wiffle-waffle, no “is that a contraction or just gas coming every 7 minutes?”. Just numbers and patterns and here’s your uterus on a graph.


Also, there’s a kick counter to track fetal movements in the last trimester. Also great for peace of mind.


While you’re sitting around pushing the button, they have a pretty extensive reference guide on everything from managing labor pain to baby’s first hours of life.


Download Full Term Labor Timer (free): iOS | Android


FOR THE DADS: Who’s Your Daddy?

Best for: Men. With pregnant wives.

Get the dad-to-be on track with your pregnancy, too. This humorous application, developed by midwives, is targeted specifically to men and contains useful daily tips about what and what not to do for you (, a timeline with key pregnancy-related dates, and helpful tools like hospital bag checklist, and contraction timer.

Download Who’s Your Daddy: iOS ($2.99) | (not available for Android yet, got an alternative? Suggest it below!)


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