A Boutique Famous for Dressing the Spanish Royal Family – Now in Abu Dhabi

A Boutique Famous for Dressing the Spanish Royal Family – Now in Abu Dhabi

I was pacing back and forth as I bounced #MySharif throughout Nation Galleria. He was overstimulated. It was chaotic. First, my girls were both fighting over a tweety bird helium balloon and now they are asking me if they could each have 10 AED for facepaint. We were at the baby shower show. I rarely go to shows. The last one I went to was the Life and Style Show, where a huge Lalaloopsy doll was walking around ADNEC, trying to find kids in an empty exhibit hall (no one showed up, #Fail). Exhibits, Carnivals, Shows…are not my thing. Flustered I handed my girls 20 AEDs to get facepaint and I continued to try to quiet down my overstimulated baby. But, the environment was not helping. The blasting speakers playing Nancy Ajram’s “Shakbat Shakabeet” in the background and the crowds of kids attacking a mickey mouse impostor giving away sponge bob balloons – not helping! I just wanted to relax. I just wanted it all to stop. Like now! I took a sharp left turn onto a store that seemed inviting, quiet and had a beautiful comfy couch. I didn’t even read the sign… and it was love at first sight!


I couldn’t contain my excitement! I did not know that we have our very own Pili Carrera store! The first one in UAE. This brand is quiet popular with European royals. See a couple of years ago the Dutch Princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane were spotted wearing it during the throne change event in April 2013. They’ve also been spotted all decked out in their Pili Carrera gear on various other occasions. Also, Princess Isabella of Denmark was spotted wearing Pili Carrera on various occasions. I somehow thought a brand like this might be a bit overpriced but was surprised that the prices are not over the top expensive.


The origins of the Pili Carrera collection dates back to 1963 when the Carrera family began developing beautiful knitwear for babies.  Their style is a special blend of classic & vintage style, (but with a fun modern twist full of happy bright colors, and intricate details). Pili Carrera has established itself as an exclusive brand for children’s designer clothing, kids’ clothes, baby clothes, nursery furniture, layette, and bedding in the international market. We are so happy for this established brand to open its doors in Abu Dhabi. We definitely need more amazing stores like these.


BTW, besides the clothing lines Pili Carrera has an extensive childcare collection. The most beautiful and original cribs (you can order it fully clothed!), changing tables, cots, pillows, lamps, decoration, diaper bags, care products, in short, Pili Carrera has everything to give your nursery room a distinctive style while also allowing you to go out in style with your baby. Needless to say these clothes are of the highest possible quality. When you visit the store ask them for their latest look book.


Visit them next time you’re in Nation Galleria…


P.S. If you’re tempted to go take a peek at the store, know that while you shop you can have your little ones chill at the Pili Carrera Teepee. I love it when children stores make an effort to create a mini play areas for the kids.


Celebrating over 50 Years of Fashion
Pili Carrera 1963
Nation Galleria
Corniche Rd., Shop F13
Abu Dhabi, UAE
+971 2 444 4139

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