Brightpoint Women’s Hospital: Open for Deliveries!

Brightpoint Women’s Hospital: Open for Deliveries!

We are delighted to confirm the news that Brightpoint Royal Women’s Hospital in Abu Dhabi delivered their first baby on Friday, May 8th at 2AM, with Dr. Rhonda Miller. It was a boy! Both mama and new baby are healthy and the family was exceptionally happy with their experience. As Brightpoint have in-house pediatricians to care for children from birth until the age of twelve, new baby has already come back for his first check-up.


As of publish date, they have had seven more deliveries and are now open for natural deliveries, C-sections, and their state-of-the-art NICU is up and running. Contact them (below) to arrange a free tour of the facilities. It’s quite impressive!

Brightpoint Royal Women’s Hospital is the first private mother and child hospital in Abu Dhabi. Brightpoint was brought to life to create an optimal healing environment that provides a caring, emotionally supportive, home-like atmosphere, where patients enjoy the highest standard of care and comfort during their stay.


Personally, this news takes a HUGE weight off my shoulders as since finding out about my own pregnancy in March, I (and many other pregnant mamas out there) have been stressed at the sudden removal of access to Corniche Hospital for expat patients. It will be my first delivery in the UAE, so not only am I dealing with a new country, but a new mindset as both of my daughters were born at birthing centers staffed by midwives.


I asked friends for recommendations and Brightpoint kept getting mentioned over and over. I toured the hospital and while it was love at first sight, I remained hesitant as they were still not taking patients for deliveries. I was worried that I would spend time building a relationship with the doctors and staff just to be disappointed if we had to go elsewhere. Guess that’s one more worry that can be checked off my list this week.

Brightpoint Abu Dhabi Women’s Hospital
Muroor Rd., next to the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, Al Jazira Club,
Across the street from Dusit Thani Hotel
Hours: Daily, 9AM – 9PM
Phone: 800 7676

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