Careem: Perfect for this GPS-Challenged Busy Mom

I recently tried out the new web- and app-based private car service, Careem. The name, derived from the Arabic word for generosity; kareem, turned out to be quite appropriate as not only was the price affordable for the level of service, but the drivers were quite gracious. I was so impressed, actually, that I used them a second time only a few days later.
First ride: Finding myself carless one Thursday afternoon, I decided to try it out to take my kids to a Moms Guide Jammie Jam event at The Room in Zayed Sport City. Despite having been there a few times, my sense of misdirection is legendary and I knew hailing a city taxi and saying “The Room” would just lead to frustration on both sides.
I downloaded the free app and booked a car. The interface is impressive, showing where the car is on a map so you know when to expect arrival (or in my case, how many minutes I have to procrastinate before I head downstairs). Just my luck, I received a text alerting me that the car had arrived 15 minutes early, and included all of the details: license plate, make and color of car, and driver’s name. Not only was the car immaculately clean and the driver professional and polite, but he knew right where to take us without hassle.
Second ride: I didn’t even think twice when we realized my visiting sister-in-law’s flight home would require a pre-dawn wakeup call for myself and the kids. I booked a car for her ride to the airport for just a bit more than a regular taxi. It was well worth it, sending her off in style in a sleek black Lexus with water and juice waiting for her in the back seat. She loved the ride, and we loved the extra sleep.
I’ll definitely be using them again when I need a reliable, clean, hassle-free transport. Especially if I’m ever stuck late at work and unable to leave for an after-school pickup. The app also shows the car’s progress during the trip, so I can track my kids on their entire way home.
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