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Expat Family: Our Lost Ramadan

I used to think fasting Ramadan in the USA was difficult. The summer after sophomore year, I had to fast while working at Baskin Robbins while dishing up large fruit blasts and premium sundaes (with extra fudge).

The Perfect Cup: Birth of a Coffee Snob

While Abu Dhabi may have more coffee shops than most cities in the world, this does not at all mean that it is easy to find a good cup of coffee here. Quite the contrary. This city’s love affair with gathering over coffee does not extend to…

Top Gifts for New Mom (that you can find here!)

Welcome to the mother lode (no pun intended) of gift ideas for new moms, guaranteed to rank you as number one friend on your expectant friend’s roster. You’re welcome! I won’t waste any time and just get right to it: 1.  Baby memories I came across…

Unique Father’s Day Finds

I have to admit something: in the years since moving to Abu Dhabi, I have increasingly downplayed the celebration of Mother’s Day, to the disadvantage of my wife. This isn’t intentional, and seems to have resulted from the confusion amidst the utter ubiquity of various…