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Expat Family: Our Lost Ramadan

I used to think fasting Ramadan in the USA was difficult. The summer after sophomore year, I had to fast while working at Baskin Robbins while dishing up large fruit blasts and premium sundaes (with extra fudge).

I’m an Emirati, nice to meet you!

One of the most frequent statements I began to hear when I started to attend Moms Guide Abu Dhabi events is, “I’ve never met an Emirati before.” At first, I didn’t give this much thought but soon enough I had analysed it backwards-forwards-inside out, and felt that perhaps…

How TOMS Shoes Got Me Moving

I believe in giving back. I believe in the power of stories. I also believe in the power of social entrepreneurship. TOMS represents all that and more. I first discovered TOMS in 2007, way before it was the household brand name it is now, and…