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Giving Back: #GreenRamadan

Whether you’re observing Ramadan in the traditional sense, or just as a bystander this year, Pro Partner Group has launched a pretty ingenious and unique way of giving back this month with the #GreenRamadan campaign. We spoke with James Swallow, the Commercial Director and sparkplug behind the initiative.

Paleo Mini-Muffins for Baby Led Weaning

Within a few months of commencing baby led weaning with our daughter, she had tried almost every fruit, vegetable, and meat possible. Whilst she loved the variety of plain, healthy foods we were giving her, I began to search for some snacks that I could bake…

Miso and Kale are not Four-Letter Words

This is fast becoming our weekend salad – some chopping and a bit of blending and you’re set for two WHOLE days because the heartiness of kale prevents it from wilting or getting soggy in the fridge. I know what you’re thinking, “kale salad…weekend snack…something…