For the Love of Makeup!

For the Love of Makeup!
When I first got married, my mother in law gave me a large makeup set: beautiful shimmery eye shadows, lip liners, eye liners, professional makeup brushes…the whole nine yards. She did not yet know that I was one of those women who rarely wore makeup aside from the standard Arab black kohl on the lower inner rim of my eyes. I had a friend in college actually point out to me how weird that looked…but I digress.Needless to say, I wasn’t so in love with makeup. The renegade in me believed that I didn’t need to conform to what society deems beautiful, and I still stand firm in that belief. That said, I do have a confession to make: I am now pretty much obsessed with everything makeup and it can be traced back to that first gift. When we moved to Abu Dhabi as newlyweds, I began unpacking and the gift from my MIL taunted me for weeks, guilting me because I was letting a large, expensive set go unused.So how exactly did it start? Well, lounging at home all day enjoying the lovely art of job searching, I decided to give it a try and fell headfirst into the world of YouTube beauty gurus. I had absolutely no idea where to begin with makeup, and these gurus were like my own personal tutors, and in the comfort of my home! One video led to another and the artist in me got more and more engaged in the intricacy and complexity of makeup artistry. I began to understand why it is such a lucrative industry, and why it is so addictive once you actually know how to properly apply it.screen-capture-6


For mothers, the very idea of makeup may be a daunting and you might think it requires time you just don’t have, but one quick search on YouTube will show you hundreds of “5 minute makeup” tutorials, or Makeup 101 basics that give you the foundation you need (no pun intended) to quickly enhance your features in very little time. To help you get started, but here are a few gurus that I think are worth watching: Jaclyn Hill, Farah Dukhai, Carli Bybel, Amy’s Makeup Box, Makeup Geek, Babylailalov, Zukreat, and LustreLux. There is even a YouTube makeup guru based next door in Dubai, Huda Beauty.

I have recently taken my new found love for makeup to the next level and now limit my purchases to alternative or lesser-known makeup brands whose company trajectory fit my values. I am trying to be a more conscious consumer in the process, but I have also found that I get more bang for my buck through alternative quality brands. One of these new brands, Artist of Makeup, is based in the UK and has a little extra inspiration as the founder is a mompreneur! I discovered the founder, Zukreat, through her YouTube channel. The company delivers internationally, with free delivery for all purchases greater than 100 GBP. I purchased the full set of eye shadows, which are highly pigmented, long lasting, and excellent quality – think high end makeup for a fraction of the cost. If you are interested in checking out her products, please visit

I must reiterate that this new found appreciation for makeup stems from the fact that to me, it is an art form, and I actually find it a quite relaxing experience. This is not a post telling you that you have to wear makeup to feel beautiful. I just want to share an alternative perspective on makeup, coming from someone who used to scoff at the idea of wearing it, and to offer recommendations to those who may be interested in honing their skills and tapping into their inner makeup goddess.

Let’s talk more makeup. Leave me a comment below with your own recommendations, tips or tricks, or any questions!


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