Hamleys Toy Store Opens in Yas Mall!

Hamleys Yas Mall

Hamleys opening in Yas Mall

When I arrived in Yas Mall we did did a beeline straight to Hamleys where the kids were thrilled to be greeted by clowns, the Hamleys mascot and lots of music and dancing. The energy was great and I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear as my kids danced to the lively music.When I heard that Hamleys was opening in Abu Dhabi, I did a little hop and skip in excitement. So I was of course one of the first people to visit Hamleys in Yas Mall on its opening on February 5th, 2015. And it was excellent timing since it’s birthday season and the little ones have been invited to no less than 5 birthday parties in the next 3 weeks!

Hamleys Yas Mall
The Yas Mall Hamleys covers two stories and is set up according to gender and age. This made it easy to find the toys I was looking for even though my kids don’t adhere to these gender lines. My son was thrilled to find a huge array of superhero toys and needless to say we had to leave with a couple more Batman and Robin action figures.
Batman at Hamleys Yas Mall

One of the things that I really enjoy about Hamleys is their workstations. What parent hasn’t bought a toy for their child only to discover he/she has zero interest in it? The workstations are a great way to vet a toy before dropping cash on them, plus it’s a way to keep the kids in one place while I focus on browsing the isles for suitable birthday present!

workstations at hamleys yas mall

So next time you’re looking for some fun toys for your kids make sure you visit Hamleys in Yas Mall!

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