Orange Wheels! Our Interview With Shifa Yusuffali

Orange Wheels! Our Interview With Shifa Yusuffali

Orange Wheels recently had their grand opening in Abu Dhabi.  They offer state of the art facilities which revolutionizes children’s entertainment and education.  Several “Fun Zones” are located throughout the facility, making it IMPOSSIBLE for your little one to get bored!

We were lucky to sit down with Ms. Shifa Yusuffali, CEO of Orange Wheels to learn more about the beautiful facility!


Your facility recently had its grand opening on the 1st of October. How long has this project been in the works?  

The idea for Orange Wheels was conceived when my older daughter was just 2 years old and I was frantically looking for a place just like Orange Wheels to take her to. However, the actual conceptualization, building the team, design and construction took about 18 months.

The Orange Wheels Concept is so unique.  What inspired you to create such a place?  

I wanted to create a space where children would get reintroduced to ‘traditional play’ and encourage healthy lifestyle. With meticulous planning we created different zones within the center, so that children can have a variety of experience and developmental triggers. My true inspiration to get into the edutainment industry is my passion to enrich children, who are our future.

There are climbing walls, arts and crafts area and even a salon for children.  What amenities can adults find available?

I would strongly recommend all parents to try out our climbing walls. We have 10 different climbing walls that adults are can try out for adventure. Mommies can pamper themselves and enjoy a day out with their daughters at our SalOn. Our café has a great ambiance for parents to just sit down and relax with a cup of coffee and yummy treats or get their laptops out to get some work done while the kids are having fun.

How does payment work? Is there a fee for each area?

Fee structure depends on children’s height. For 110 cm and above, it is AED 90 first hour. While for smaller kids it is AED 60, for babies less than 12 months old it is AED 35 flat rate. Climbing walls, salon, spa and café are charged separately.

What do you see for Orange Wheels five years from now?  Are there plans for expansion?

Orange Wheels is a part of IdeaCrate Edutainment Company and we have exciting expansion plans in the coming years. We will be creating more unique concepts for family entertainment centers and operating paramount nurseries and schools at regional and global level.

If you were a child going to Orange Wheels for the first time, what is the first thing you would do?

O-Town is my absolute favorite, which is a little town with a mini airplane, market, barber shop, diner and fire truck. It also has a library bus, where kids can go in and read a book or listen to stories during Story time. If I were a little girl, I could spend an entire day in there.


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We want to thank Ms. Shifa Yusuffali for the interview!  We can’t wait to see what’s next!


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