Parenting with Knowledge – Parenting Lectures

Parenting with Knowledge – Parenting Lectures

Sheikha Love is all about igniting the love in your relationship, but this post is openly and unabashedly about my love for sales! Now, I am sorry to say this is not the kind of sale that will allow you to indulge in some necessary retail therapy. It is, however, all the more exciting because you are getting a great deal on a priceless commodity: education!

With the crazy rising costs of education these days, I love when I can learn from a valuable lecturer at a modest price. This website, The Great Courses, is particularly appealing to me because it pairs educators with experts alike to give you a comprehensive and practical insight into whatever topic YOU choose.


For moms, or soon-to-be moms, you might be interested in one particular course entitled: Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids. It comes equipped with twelve, 30-minute lectures that range from building self-esteem and emotional intelligence, to practical issues like making friends, bullying, and growing up in a digital age.

I consider myself among the group of people I like to call “old school,” and have had a strong aversion to the audio book or podcast trend. But seriously, it is time to move into the digital age and embrace the vast world it offers when put to good use. As adults, we have of course long forgotten how fun it was for someone to read to us when we were children. I always thought that the digitalization of books and education would take away from the serenity of reading a book I could touch and hold in my own little reading nook, or take from the experience of getting a “real” education. It is time, however, to focus on the positive and practical aspect of the digital revolution. For one, as mothers, you are probably re-discovering the beauty of oral storytelling, and more importantly, you are probably discovering how much time you DON’T have for yourself. That is why mobile education is a crucial asset to acquire. We are increasingly spending a lot of our time moving around, going from one place to the next. Some of us just don’t have an hour, or even 15 minutes, to sit and read.

In Abu Dhabi, you may find yourself on the road A LOT. School pick-ups, extra curricular activities all the way out on the other side of town, driving all the way back home in rush hour traffic, looking for parking in the mall, or just parking in general! Revamp your on-the-go life into an opportunity to invest in yourself. Take advantage of holiday sales and try out this idea of mobile education. Sick of children’s songs in the car? Hook up your phone and pop in a lecture. Use every moment possible to expand your mind and become the best role model you can to your children. If your kid controls the audio in your car, try to use nap time to listen to a lecture as your clean the house or catch up on e-mails. Women are the best at multi-tasking after all!

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