Sleeping Solutions for Baby: SleepyHead vs. Cocoonababy

Before leaving the hospital we had both the Cocoonababy and the Sleepyhead sleepers ready to go.  They are both highly rated and we wanted to be able to try both.  The Cocoonababy was purchased through Just Kidding, and we purchased the Sleepyhead from the supplier before it hit the market.  Now you can find it on various sites such as mumzworld, mini exchange etc.



First off, I think both sleepers are really great.  It just comes down to how you’ll be using them.  I think it boils down to this: if you’re a co-sleeper and your baby will sleep IN BED with you (not in a sleeper next to you) the Sleepyhead is best because it’s flat.  It makes feeding very easy in the middle of the night.  It was flat, cozy, and I could swaddle him and put him in there nice and snug.

The Cocoonababy is very high!  It can be a bit cumbersome to unclip the baby, take him out, feed him and then do it all over every couple of hours. I put it aside for overnight use. However if your baby is sleeping in a crib or next to the bed or on the floor the Cocoonababy is wonderful.  When our son was diagnosed with stridor, the Cocoonababy was great around the house.  It kept him on his back and helped to calm his breathing.  



The downside of the Cocoonababy was that he grew out of it when he was four months old.  It costs a good amount of money for such a short period of use.  He was able to use the Sleepyhead much longer.  He was sleeping in in until about 8 months.  Plus you can then purchase a larger size which will last up to 3 years! If your baby loves it as much as mine did, they will be very happy to transition into the bigger size.   

Overall my choice between the two was the Sleepyhead.  I was able to swaddle him (unlike Cocoonababy) and it was so cozy at night! It provided much more use for the money!


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