Springbok Butchery Takes Care of all of Your BBQ Needs

Springbok Butchery Takes Care of all of Your BBQ Needs

During the National Day holiday, my husband suggested we throw a big BBQ for our family and a couple of friends. The thought of feeding and entertaining 30 adults and 15 children left me in a cold sweat. Luckily, we found Springbok Butchery, a South African Butchery that brings all the meat AND they BBQ it for us!


My husband contacted Springbok Butchery several days prior to our BBQ to book the date. We requested burgers, steaks, lamb chops, boerewors and chicken. That left me free to do a little decorating.  With a little inspiration from a Garden themed Birthday party by Expat Mom I used fake grass as placemats on the tables, and stuck with a green and orange color scheme. I picked up a couple of small pots (real and fake) from around the house and I was done!

Now my family are pretty big on burgers. We tend to make our own from scratch using sirloin and a mix of herbs, eggs and breadcrumbs and I prefer mine cooked in the oven to retain moisture. So when we ordered the burgers from the butchery I was a little concerned they wouldn’t meet our high standards. Boy was I wrong. They were so popular that when I went down to the kitchen later (ok MUCH MUCH later i.e. For a midnight snack) I found a little of everything else but not a single burger left!

As delicious as the burgers were, the lamb chops stole the hearts of everyone at the BBQ. My guests were talking about them for days afterward.

I also asked my mom to bring her famous potato salad and my sister-in-law to bring a couple of other salads and it all came together perfectly. We also served ice cream in little cups for desert which was a big hit with the kids.

We enjoyed it so much that we are having two more BBQ’s for different groups of people over then next couple of weeks! Will you be on the invite list?  

Spring Bok Butchery

Web: www.springbokbutchery.com

Tel: +971 2 622 8163

Email: catering@springbokbutchery.com

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