Contribute to Moms Talk!

Have a passion for writing and need a soapbox?

Already have a blog and want to boost a particularly good post or series?

Or do you have one, really compelling story to tell and want an audience?

One of Moms Guide Abu Dhabi’s core programs is to help you find your passion and put our resources behind you to start a [MOM]entum. This extends to Moms Talk as well; does your voice need a booming megaphone? Do you want to test this whole self-blogging thing by starting out on an established platform with a large, local audience? Or are you already wildly successful and just want another spot to publish your brilliant work? We are here to give you a boost! Whether it’s writing, editing exisiting content, showcasing photography, or working on graphic design skills, we’ve probably got a spot for you.

How does it work?

First: all content submitted to Moms Talk as a guest contributor remains your own. Period. We will never remove credit or claim it as anything else but yours. Your personalized author bio will accompany each article.

Articles should be 400-1200 words of compelling content depending on subject – sometimes less is more, and sometimes you need space. We’d like at least three original images unless it’s an opinion/editorial piece. If your articles are popular with our readers, we will establish a regular schedule and feature you on Our Bloggers page!

Any previously published content will include a statement and link back to the original source,

This post originally appeared on

Original content created for or commissioned by Moms Talk may be reposted elsewhere after two weeks have passed from the initial publish date, and must link back to the original Moms Talk post and include this statement,

 This post originally appeared on, where I am/was a contributor

We will always send you the link to the published version of your articles and enthusiastically support your sending this out via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever social media sites you frequent. We will do the same.

What do our readers like?

Our city! Pregnancy & parenting! Social commentary! Feeling good (or bad)! Looking good (or bad)! Doing good!

Types of articles:

  • Personal Stories
  • Opinion Pieces
  • How to’s/DIY’s/Lists
  • Product, restaurant, or service reviews

Our readers do not want to be sold, they come for great content without agenda. You may not sell any products, services, blatantly promote yourself, or publish paid affiliate links in your articles. Please note that we only accept restaurant reviews for newly opened spots, and will not accept product or service reviews that were sponsored or written at the request of the company or service provider. Our readers want unbiased, unpaid, and unfiltered opinions.

Please note that all articles must adhere to UAE Cyber Crimes Law. Any articles violating the law will be rejected upon receipt. Play nice, yo.

If you’re ready to start submitting, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you soon!

We reserve the right to refuse contributions that do not meet these editorial standards and will work with you to edit articles, if needed.

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