Heat Index: WTF OMG

Heat Index: WTF OMG

If this morning’s traffic were any indication, it looks like Abu Dhabi is almost back at full population. Shiny yellow buses plodding through neighborhoods, just-washed sedans busily making their way to some corporate headquarters, and minivans barely pausing to eject their adolescent passengers at the school gates. School’s back. Work has resumed. And just in time to catch these last blissful days of summer.

Abu Dhabi Heat Index

Yeah. This isn’t doctored. This is a live screenshot. To the metric-inclined, 144ºF = 62ºC.

So, here’s to the next few weeks of semi-hibernation where we’re truly torn between the self-preserving desire to stay indoors and the relentless stream of appointments/playdates/activities that are filling our calendars.

So if we happen to bump into each other mid-school run, or while dashing into toddler ballet classes, I for one am totally onboard with a mutual pact to just wave at each other from air-conditioned cars and save the welcome back hugs for mid-September.



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