Little World just got a Little Bigger

Little World just got a Little Bigger


Earlier this evening, Moms Guide members were thrilled to get the first peek at Little World’s new expansion. Already one of Abu Dhabi’s most popular indoor kid’s play centers, they have added some fantastic areas and activities to their existing discovery zones. Here’s a quick overview (and a few insider shots) of the new goodies:

Black Box Theatre


On the surface, it is just what it says – a Black Box. But once the lights go out, it’s a totally immersive experience.


Our sneak preview was “Under the Sea”, where a PJ-clad main character falls asleep and has a full Little Mermaid-esque dream, complete with songs, props, and human-sized jellyfish.


The kids in the audience were delighted – though there might be a bit of an age limit as some of the youngest members didn’t handle the dark room very well. Can’t wait to take my kids back for a full show!

Touch Tank


Yep! Kids will actually get to stick their hands into these huge wraparound tanks and discover fish, crabs, sea cucumbers, and starfish (or sea star, depending on where you stand on the debate – what, you didn’t even know there was a debate? I need a life.).


There’s a guide on hand to  give the kids a magnifying glass, point out the awesome things about each creature, and help them handle the fish with care. And no worries – none of these guys bite!

Back Yard


Bringing the outdoors, indoors – and more than just some astroturf. Something desperately needed for the almost eight months of necessary heat-related hibernation.



Bridges, a clubhouse, various wood and stone climbing structures, and a sandpit. This seemed to be the main attraction for the more adventurous kids (read: let’s tire them out).


Tot Spot


And off to the side, safely gated away from the rambunctious older kids, is a quiet little spot for crawlers and new walkers. All wooden toys, slides, ramps, ride-on cars, and tons of  room for imaginative play.

Little World Cafe


Hot and cold snacks? Free wifi? All directly connected and in direct view of a spot where your kids are blissfully occupied. Sign. Me. Up. And I hear that there will be a used lending library available soon. Score! This new cafe actually catered the launch event so we got a sample of what’s on offer, and it’s delicious. Healthy, too!


In addition to the totally new expanded areas, the rest of Little World’s zones have had a slight facelift. New coat of paint here, new flooring there, few new activities sprinkled around the place. Great work, guys!

Little World Discovery Center
Second Floor, Nation Towers
Tel: 026818824

Photographs provided by Racha Hallak Photography

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