Mom, What’s for Dinner? (Oh Man, …Not Again!)

Mom, What’s for Dinner? (Oh Man, …Not Again!)
I think by now you know, I’m never ever home! I would so love to be home more often! But, as of right now I’m never home. I don’t know how I got to this stage of being overcommitted. Between having two young school-aged children, running Moms Guide Abu Dhabi, full-time consultancy, business development meetings with start-up entrepreneurs and fighting to have a social life on Fridays…I am stretched thin. However, somehow I manage…. Somehow, we manage to eat real food every week. But with every weekend came the daunting task of planning alongside my husband what meals to cook, when to cook them, WHO will cook them and what groceries to buy. I tried 3 different meal-planning resources that were simple and have worked for me. I alternate between the depending on what is going on in my life that month. I think it can ease the meal planning process for every mom. 
If you want to stop the daily “Mom,What’s for Dinner?” question. Check these tools OUT: 
1. For the Busy Lady: DinnerTime UAE
 During the start-up phase of Moms Guide Abu Dhabi, I had 60-hour work weeks, I had little time to plan meals let alone driving to Waitrose to pick up groceries. Though I am a huge supporter of organic and healthy living, I was subjected to daily meals that left pizza and take out boxes piling up in our apartment. I had mommy guilt, but what shall I do? Last year, I was introduced to DinnerTime by Cecilia Braidy, their former PR Manager, which left me wishing I had the option two years ago! One of DinnerTime’s main targets are busy moms, like you and me! They provide and deliver to your doorstep 4 different healthy meals and ingredients with easy to follow cooking instructions on a weekly basis. Each week they send you a new set menu including one meat dish, one chicken dish, one fish dish and one vegetarian dish. All you have to do is cook! They have weekly subscriptions or one-week options for moms with an unusually busy week.
Dinner package subscriptions start at AED 280 per week (for two). To learn more about DinnerTime go to or call +971 (0)55 790 8600.
2. For the Tech-Savvy Lady:
 From the moment I got my first iPhone, back in 2008, it never left my hand as I found a wealth of apps that fit into every aspect of my life. I recently came across, while trying to find an all in one meal-planning app. Within the app you have the option to plan weekly meals or menus and shopping list. With the app you can sign up at the pepperplate website where you can download and sync recipes from over 30 popular sites into your phone or manually add your own. This allows you to have all you meal planning needs a touch away and all in one app! 
Get the app for Free on Google play, iTunes, Windows Store or Amazon appstore. For more information on the app visit
3. For the DIY Lady: Ripe and a Printable Meal Planner
Growing up I watched my mother with pen and paper in hand, as she planned out delicious Sudanese-inspired meals for our family each week. Though an arduous task, she was always a do-it-yourself lady and loved to go through the planning process. Green Child, one of my most favorite magazines, has come out with a new meal planning printable calendar for moms. This weekly meal planner incorporates menu planning (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) and an area to organize a shopping list of ingredients you need to buy. Click here to download and print your own Weekly Meal Planner.
Once you have your meals planned for the week you either go to the Ripe Food & Craft Market or use their option of home delivery from Ripe. All you need to do is provide them with a shopping list and they will deliver groceries to your doorstep!
To place an order go online to, call +971 (0)4 380 7602, or email
Got other meal planning resources that have worked the best for you? Share it with me by emailing


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