Ramadan Activities: Books & Storytelling

Ramadan Story Book

At Moms Guide Abu Dhabi, we value to importance of reading and instilling a love for reading in children. If you haven’t attended a Moms Read event, you must! Reading books to children of ALL ages (yes that means starting when they are newborns) is an invaluable tool for their speech and language development. I want to take this activity a step further and tap into their story telling skills.

Skills: reading, word identification, creativity, story-telling

Materials: colored & white paper, pencil or markers, magazines (optional)

  1. This is a great opportunity to utilize the freebie magazines found throughout the malls (Abu Dhabi Week, Xpress, Tempo, etc.).  They are filled with useful pictures for you to cut out and use in your book.
  2. For infants, make an alphabet book of Ramadan or Islam related words.
  3. For preschool and school-aged children, let them either create their own story about Ramadan and fasting, OR you create a book for them where you pre-write sentences that they have to fill in the blank. These can be factual sentences about Ramadan, or your own story that you made up where your child fills in the verbs or nouns to help practice grammar. For example: “Ramadan is the month of _________.”
  4.  For DIY divas: I really loved the idea of a pop up book, and found this tutorial that makes it so simple to make!


Alternative approach for older children:

This alternative encourages grammar knowledge, partnership and turn taking. Do you remember a game called Mad Libs? I used to love going on road trips in the US just to buy these fun books from the gas station.

The premise of Mad Libs is basically where one player asks the other player for a list of words to fill in the blanks of a pre-made story, then one of the players reads the story out loud, and laughter ensues at the story that is created.

To give this a Ramadan twist, have each child write a story about Ramadan where they leave a verb, noun, adverb, exclamation, or adjective blank in each sentence. Once they are done, each player asks the other to give a word for the corresponding blank. Once completed, they get to read the story out loud and see what they came up with.

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Quran Memorization

Something that goes without saying, the ultimate Ramadan “activity” is memorizing Quran. It is the most rewarding memory building activity that both children and adults alike can engage in.

I recommend setting a goal that you want to achieve throughout the month, such as memorizing all of Juz ‘Amma, or memorizing 5 verses a day. Then create a chart or something visual to help keep you organized, designate a certain time period during the day, and do it consistently.

This is also a great challenge for spouses and an opportunity to bring you closer together as you encourage and motivate each other along the way.

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