Sunset at the Mina Port

Sunset at the Mina Port

Let’s be honest.  You will never hear us complain about having a few hours to ourselves where we can get dolled up and then enjoy a night on the town with our spouse. Especially here, given all the luxury and swanky hotels and restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

But let’s be even more honest, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Spending some romantic time with your spouse does not have to involve siphoning off your whole evening, spending hours getting ready and going out to expensive restaurants (although, again, no one is complaining if that does happen). 

Instead, to keep your connection going strong you just need to dedicate small pockets of alone time together.  There are so many activities and places Abu Dhabi has to offer. I am here to give you  inexpensive and fun ideas about what you should take advantage of that won’t take up too much time in your busy schedule.

Stress is no stranger to moms.  That is why my first suggestion involves rest and relaxation.  With the summer heat fading away, I have the perfect activity for you to try the next time you and your spouse can steal away an hour or two from the kids.

What you will need:
    •    a babysitter
    •    a light meal (or snacks)
    •    your favorite drinks
    •    comfortable clothes and shoes

Daily stress will take a toll on your health if you don’t take the time to wind down.  Even if you feel like you have absolutely no time to spare, you must make room for de-stressing in your schedule.  One of the most therapeutic things to do is to sit on the beach and listen to the waves crash.  The Corniche, however, is not always the best option to go if you want some seclusion.

One unknown treasure is the Mina (port).  There are rocks there that you can sit and relax on that give an absolutely breathtaking view.  Wear something comfortable and shoes that don’t slip, as you will have to walk over rocks to get to your desired spot.  I recommend going about a half hour before sunset.  Once you’ve found the right spot, just sit and eat and enjoy some time with your spouse.  Try to talk about life topics, philosophical things…basically topics that don’t involve what the kids ate or what the kids did today.  This is not to say your kids’ lives are not important, it is just reminding you that you are taking this time to connect one on one with your spouse.
If you just want to kick back and relax then do it! Cuddle up close with your spouse and enjoy the waves as they crash upon the rocks beneath you.

This is something relaxing and inexpensive that you can do during the week or on the weekend. 

Try something new this week and explore the mina!


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