Why being a Stay At Home Mom should go on your CV

Why being a Stay At Home Mom should go on your CV
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About 4 months ago, I put away my yoga pants and pulled out my work abayas then leapt back into the corporate world.  After being a stay at home mom (SAHM) for 4 years the thought of going back to work was exciting but also very scary.  My confidence in my skills had not been fed in a while, and

I wasn’t sure I would bring anything valuable to the table anymore.  But now that I’ve been at work for a few months, I wanted to let other moms out there who are thinking of getting back to work know that being a stay at home mom should go on their CV, and this is why:

  1. You think you’ve dealt with difficult customers? You haven’t experienced difficult until you’ve experienced a 3 year old who wants another chocolate bar at the grocery store. We know all the tricks to keeping our ‘customers’ happy without giving in to their every demand.
  2. The art of negotiation requires insight into the mindset of a person and stay at home moms are brilliant at negotiating, whether it’s to get the kids to eat their food or to get a raise from their husbands.
  3. Operations managers, move over! Stay at home moms learn early on that if they ever want to have a moment to themselves then everything must run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. AND we do it with all sorts of wrenches being thrown at us.
  4. In the Emirates, we often have help with the household chores (and sometimes babysitting) and we learn very quickly about concepts of motivation, trust and management.
  5. Finance departments could learn a thing or two from stay at home moms who know how to make every fils count. We have to share our money with the little gremlins but we know how to save and scrimp here and there so we can afford to invest in those beautiful shoes.
  6. I can’t help but have flashbacks of my two young ones fighting over their toys when I see my colleagues clash. I almost expect to hear “Mine!” and “No! Mine!” shouted across the office hallways.

So if you’re about to take the leap, then take a moment to consider how being a SAHM has actually developed in you some pretty attractive skills!

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Manal Hamid

Manal Hamid

Partner & COO at Moms Guide Abu Dhabi
aka, Emirati Mom
A 30-something mom of two kids making everything happen all at once! SAHM who recently made the leap back to working full-time.
Manal Hamid

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